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Why Study Abroad

Here we provide you educational opportunities abroad to make every student's dream come true. Currently, we are providing MBBS program & Engineering program at India and China. We gave easy access to students to approach universities & build knowledges for future careers touch.There are many reasons why study abroad should be your key components in your educational plan:

- To teach you adopt to current competative educations & growth of technologies.

- Best prospects of study practices in terms of quality, effectiveness & study equipments.

- Real time study experiences and theories. 

- Students also experiences comfortable life accomodations at campus.

- Teaches you to positive values cross cultural explosure.

- Build your strength and endurance to allow for more complete and independent life. 

What you need to get here

- A commitment by student towards studies

- A passion to become a competent medical professional of international standards

- A desire to expand your academic spheres internationally

Job Opportunity

The qualification are equally enough to any other foreign countries studies. After completing MBBS, a student need to go for screening test conducted by Medical Council of India (MCI) or Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) or Your Country Representative Medical Council. Once you pass this, you will be registered to practice as a Medical practitioner. That means you and the Doctor who has done MBBS are evaluated equal terms for any job opportunity both in the government and private sector. 

Medical & Science Studies

- Dental

- Medical (MBBS - Bachelore of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)

- Medical Lab Technology 

- Nursing

- Physiotheraphy

Engineering Studies

- Automobile

- Computer (Software & Hardware)

- Chemical 

- Civil 

- Electrical & Electronics 

- Electrical & Communications 

- Mechanical 

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To know Malaysia is to love Malaysia. A bubbling, bustling melting pot of races and religions where Malays, Indians, Chinese and many other ethic groups live together in peace and harmony.